CitNet works in local, regional, and global arenas to make sustainable development a reality. By supporting citizen-led activities in developing, monitoring and implementing sustainability initiatives, promoting civil society participation in important policy fora, and connecting individuals and organizations, CitNet works to create an ecologically sound and socially equitable and economically just world. Created in October 1990 to coordinate civil society participation in the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (the “Earth Summit”), CitNet and its members have spent almost two decades connecting, educating, and acting to make real the Earth Summit’s vision of a more sustainable and equitable world. Some of CitNet's objectives include

  • strengthen sustainability movements across the US, by providing a framework for information-sharing and collaboration across issue areas, sectors, and levels of activity;
  • build cooperative bridges between the US sustainability movement and the global sustainability movement; 
  • encourage and help enable broad-based, multi-stakeholder participation in decision making on sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels; and
  • promote leadership on sustainability, highlighting and celebrating the efforts of citizens and reverse mortgage kdc organizations putting the principles of sustainability intoo practice in daily life, community development, business and public policy.