Leading by example


Last week, on October 5, President Obama signed Executive Order 13584 on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance.

CitNet's new website

WED earth.jpg

Today on World Environment Day we launch the new CitNet website, honoring the roots of the sustainability movement in that UN conference in 1972 when "environment" began to be taken seriously as a component of global and national policy.

Earth Day 2009

It is April 22, 2009 and today we celebrate the 39th Earth Day. We had hoped to launch CitNet's new interactive CitNet website today but there's still much to do before we put this online. So we will target June 5 to launch on World Environment Day.

A letter to President Obama and Congress


On Monday, February 2, the National Strategy Campaign launched a letter-writing action directed to President Obama and members of Congress, calling for their support of a National Sustainability Strategy. We are hoping to see hundreds of such letters directed to policymakers over the next weeks, letting them know we want "an approach not based on short-term fixes but on a long-range vision."

Towards a national sustainability strategy

At this moment, CitNet member Rob Wheeler is busy trying to get various people and organizations who care about sustainability to cast their vote to make sure that "Develop and Implement a National Sustainability Strateg

New year, new administration, new hopes

White House

As 2008 finally closes, everyone is looking forward to the New Year rolling in and hoping to see major positive changes. The country and our new administration face huge challenges -- the financial collapse, climate change, new and old violence in the Middle East, a global food and water crisis, and the list goes on. Clearly President Obama hands will be full. We send him our hopes and prayers and determination to help where we can.