Sustainable America 2012: How Sustainable is Your Candidate?

Oct 17 2012 - 12:37pm

Widener Law School's Environmental Law Center has created a website showing the positions of...

Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development

Citizens Summit logo
Mar 20 2012 - 2:10pm

On March 24-25, the US-Canada Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development will bring together citizen organizations and networks, educators,...

President Obama sets sustainability goals for federal agencies

Obama exec order signing.jpg
Oct 6 2009 - 11:27am

Yesterday President Obama signed an executive order "to establish an integrated strategy towards sustainability in the Federal Government and to make reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a...

With an economy in shambles, the midwest goes green

Jul 28 2009 - 6:33am

Leaders recognize that the industries that once powered its economy are gone forever and now turn to renewable energy manufacturing and technologies for a...

Pew Center study on 'The Clean Economy' shows growth in NY green jobs

Jul 9 2009 - 11:16am

A new Pew Center study The Clean...

Economic Security

With the financial crisis that emerged before the end of the new century's first decade, many are now questioning the previously unquestionable mantra of "economic growth" as the top national, state and local priority for policy and planning. We can however leave aside this ideological baggage by focusing on the need for economic security. Here we address the basic need for adequate and meaningful livelihoods that provide the basis for improving our quality of life and pursuing our idea of happiness. Here we can also ask and hopefully answer "how much is enough."