Step 3: Challenge local and state leaders

Challenge local and state leaders to change the ways energy is produced and distributed in our community.

Are your local and state leaders moving towards sustainable energy or resisting it? Let them know this is important to you. Not only government representatives, but those in civil society, business, the churches....Challenge them to commit to, promote and establish the policies and practices needed to confront the problem.

If they pick up this challenge, support them to in their efforts to change the ways energy is produced and distributed in your community. Encourage and help them develop policies, plans and practices that will significantly reduce harmful pollution and emissions. Make sure they commit to time-bound targets to implement those changes.

There is a lot going on at the local, state and regional levels to address the challenge of climate change and energy sustainability. Whether your community and state representatives are leaders or laggards, there is a lot to learn from our various neighbors throughout the state.

What are some of the experiences, strategies and resources for challenging and supporting our local and state representatives?


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