Pew Center study on 'The Clean Economy' shows growth in NY green jobs

Jul 9 2009 - 11:16am

A new Pew Center study The Clean...

NYC Council hearing on Green Buildings Plan

Jul 9 2009 - 11:29am

The New York City Council held a public hearing on the proposed “Greener, Greater Buildings Plan” announced by the Mayor and Speaker on Earth Day. The plan is designed to...

New billboard shows growing greenhouse gas emissions

Jul 9 2009 - 12:21pm

A 'carbon counter' electronic billboard near Madison Square Garden now displays the world's ongoing greenhouse gas emissions. It is...

Smart growth advocate Ron Sims moves to the other Washington

Jul 12 2009 - 7:44am

As King County Executive, Ron Sims was a bold and visionary leader nationally recognized for his work on transportation, climate, health care reform and urban development; now...

New White House report on global climate change impacts in the United States, Northeast

Jul 20 2009 - 6:33pm

On June 16, the White House released a new report from the US Global Change Research Program on climatic changes and impacts in the US...

New report shows that clean-energy policies can fight poverty and raise US living standards

Jun 18 2009 - 6:53pm

The Natural Resources Defense Council and Green for All released a report "Green Prosperity: How Clean-Energy...

World at tipping point: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks to the CSD 17

May 13 2009 - 9:07am

There is a strong link between climate change and the issues before this session. Sustainable agriculture can contribute to climate change mitigation. On the other hand, if left unchecked, climate...

Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn Proposed for EPA Superfund List

Apr 20 2009 - 9:19am

The Gowanus Canal is severely impacted by contaminated sediments as a result of its history of heavy industry. The proposed Superfund listing would allow the EPA to further investigate...

Greenhouse gas review policy finalized

Jul 30 2009 - 7:35pm

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's new policy requiring a greenhouse gas emissions review for large-...

A Cleaner Way to Keep the City Running

Jan 9 2009 - 8:10pm

A New York Times artcle on wind energy in New York City.