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This content applies to the New York group

This content applies to the New York group

UN Discussion on Sustainable Production and Consumption

At an event held on May 10 during the annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, CitNet cosponsored a discussion on Sustainable Consumption and Production, one of the topics on the agenda for this year.

Building a North American Dialogue on Sustainable Production and Consumption

Please join us for the launch of this exciting new Partnership creating the North American Roundtable on Sustainable Production and Consumption at 4:30, Conference Room 6, North Lawn Building at the UN.

New York State transferred the new Brooklyn Bridge Park to New York City

A new Brooklyn Bridge Park Operating Entity, with a membership majority appointed by New York City, will become responsible for planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the 85-acre waterfront park. Piers 1 and 6, the first segments of the 1.7-mile park, are scheduled to open this spring.

Three new environmental bills have been passed by the New York Legislature

S6700, amends the net metering regulations by eliminating the peak load limitation on the size of non-residential solar and wind electric generating systems that can sell surplus electricity back to the utility.

S4407 is intended to protect poorer communities from siting of an unfair share of pollution sources, including
factories, waste disposal facilities and incinerators.

NYS "Great Appliance Swap Out" will provide $16.8 million in rebates to consumers in New York State

The rebates go to consumers who purchase qualified energy efficient appliances by February 21.

The New York City Green Codes Task Force released its report on green building codes.

At the request of Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Quinn in July 2008, the Task Force recommended green changes to the laws and regulations affecting buildings in New York City. The 111 recommendations in the report largely impact new construction and renovations, many of them removing current impediments to green practices.The proposals would affect building codes

New York State to dramatically increase solar energy projects

Governor Paterson announced a project that will dramatically increase the amount of solar energy currently produced in New York State, and will foster the development of solar technologies, support public sustainability efforts and stimulate the economy with new clean energy jobs. 

Governor Paterson outlined his initiative for developing a New York State Climate Action Plan

Governor Paterson said that: "As the world's 15th largest economy, our State has the responsibility to take a leadership role in reducing carbon pollution."