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This content applies to the New York group

This content applies to the New York group

NYC Dept of Environmental Protection called for prohibition on drilling for natural gas in the NYC watershed upstate

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection acted after a report indicated that gas drilling poses unacceptable risks to the unfiltered drinking water supply for nine million New Yorkers.

New York City Council passed Energy Conservation Code

The NY City Council passed a NYC Energy Conservation Code effective July 1, 2010, which is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing government, commercial, and residential buildings in New York City.

Governor Paterson on green jobs, energy, climate change

In his State of the Union speech, Governor Paterson announced an Excelsior Jobs Program focused on high tech and clean energy growth jobs.The program includes an expansion of the Research and Development Tax Credit, and creation of an Enhanced Investment Tax Credit, to support capital investment, and a New Jobs Incentive.

Go Green Expo

The Go Green Expo will take place in New York City. Everyone interested in learning about environmentally friendly goods & services for use in modern everyday living.

Glimmers of ‘Hopenhagen’

Gail Karlsson reports: One of the most encouraging signs I saw in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference was on the shirt worn by the desk clerk at my hotel in Malmo, Sweden, across the Oresund bridge. It said ‘I am a citizen of Hopenhagen’.


Governor Paterson announced $3 million funding for 18 clean energy businesses in New York State

The funding is provided by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to help New York businesses increase their access to markets, customers, investors and partners, and build their capacity to serve a new or expanded customer base.

Greener, Greater Buildings

A new package of legislation will promote Greener, Greater Buildings in New York City. Once implemented, the legislation will reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 4.75 percent.


New York's Sustainability Plans Discussed at Mayor's Climate Summit in Copenhagen

Mayor Bloomberg attended the Mayor's Climate Summit in Copenhagen, which was held in parallel to the second week of the UN Climate Summit.

New York Sustainability Highlighted at Forum in Copenhagen

The Climate Sustainability Forum was convened by Uchita de Zoysa from the Centre for Environment & Development in Sri Lanka, and brought together civil society representatives from over 30 countries to discuss the importance of linking up initiatives on sustainable development with climate change mitigation efforts.