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Sustainable America 2012: How Sustainable is Your Candidate?

Widener Law School's Environmental Law Center has created a website showing the positions of the major party U.S. Presidential candidates and Pennsylvania Senate candidates on a variety of sustainability issues.

Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development

On March 24-25, the US-Canada Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development will bring together citizen organizations and networks, educators, government policymakers, business representatives, youth and others across North America to review progress towards sustainability since the 1992 Earth Summit and to identity the key p

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SRI in the Rockies 2010

20th annual conference

JW Marriott Hill Country Resort
San Antonio, TX US

Bali blog 1: Civil society and UNEP


I am flying on Qatar Airlines racking up my carbon footprint karma on the way to Bali in the current guise of "civil society representative for North America" to participate in the 11th session of the Global Major Groups and Stakeholder Forum, followed by the 11th Special Session of the