Sustainable Production and Consumption

International Coalition for Sustainable Production and Consumption


ICSPAC is a global civil society network created to provide an effective information exchange and networking vehicle for NGOs and citizen organizations promoting sustainable production and consumption (SPAC) policies and practices.

Achieving SCP After Rio: Research, Practice & Capacity-building

June 19, 20012,  1:15 - 2:45 pm, Barra Arena, Rio de Janeiro

Organized by Citizens Network for Sustainable Development and partners

Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development

CitNet was one of the organizers of this meeting to prepare for the June 2012 UN Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janeiro (Rio+20).

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Livestreaming of Citizens Summit

We are excited to announce that three sessions of the Citizens' Summit will be livestreamed at The only necessary equipment is a computer with access to the internet.

The panels streamed will be:


Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development

On March 24-25, the US-Canada Citizens Summit on Sustainable Development will bring together citizen organizations and networks, educators, government policymakers, business representatives, youth and others across North America to review progress towards sustainability since the 1992 Earth Summit and to identity the key p

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Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

Perhaps you managed to overcome the temptation to take advantage of all those great deals sweeping across the mass media in celebration of "Black Friday" -- the official launch of the Christmas shopping season.

Is green marketing over?

For years the debate has raged over the role "green marketing" would play within the sustainability movement, the power of increasingly aware and responsible consumers "voting with their dollars." Some have warned that it takes a lot more than just buying green to attain sustainability, and according to market observer Joel Makower this is definitely the case.

Is green marketing over?

CSD-19 hits wall: No final decision


Clearly Friday the 13th was a bad luck day for those who attended the UN Commission on Sustainable Development here in New York. After two weeks of intense all-night negotiations, presentations, side events, round tables, obtuse jargon and "straight talk," the final plenary was thrown a curve ball in which everyone has struck out.

2010 Living Planet report: Alarm ringing for tropical biodiversity

Gland, Switzerland. WWF just released the new 2010 Living Planet report, which calls attention to plummeting populations of tropic species, the impact of a human production/consumption footprint on natural resources up to 50% more than the earth can sustain.